How recruiting works?

Searching and Screening

One of the big problems with conducting your own search for suitable candidates is that even if you put in a lot of time, money and effort, you still may not find who you’re looking for.

Our team conducts your own search for a candidate would require you to write up a job description, write up advertisements, post these advertisements, review CV’s and much, much more.

We have specialists in resume processing, screening & validation; candidate skill-mapping, database building and management. It can be customized to your specific needs.

Filtration and Selection phase

We provide wide range of customized filtration processes based on your job requirements and selected criteria.

We develop and update many different filtration processes. For example, We developed a "2-minutes" Video interview phase which allows our clients to figure out the right for the job clearly and with no doubts. This new technique ease the selection phase and save you time and effort.

Our mission is to match the right candidate with your requirements. you can choose as many as you want from our selection tools and we are ready to proceed it all to make you satisfied with your candidate. We need you just to choose your customized selection phases with our agent (in few minutes) and we proceed and give you results.


Follow up and Building a profile

We do follow up with you and the candidate for two different reasons. This follow up to save your time in the future and guarantee the performance and the behavior of the candidate.

Once you choose ROOTS recruitment service, we build a profile for your company and document all your recruitment history, needs and requirements. We give you a direct end-to-end channel with our recruitment specialist to add/remove/update jobs in your profile. You can block some candidates, recommend a candidate or even you can ask to hunt a specific candidate.

We do with you a plan to reallocate or rehire a candidate if the chosen candidate is lower than your expectations and has low performance-level. We offer you to do a performance appraisal for those candidates in the first three months. The results of this appraisal define more your requirements and how we can match it.