Payroll Services

Payroll processing services

END-TO-END services
Check processing and delivery
We do an instantaneously follow-up to make our payroll service more reliable, faster and safer.
Social insurance
You can trust our experienced insurance consultancy we take care of all you need from social insurance for the employees like ( form "1", form "2", form "6", form "111", governmental medical insurance, retirement documents…etc. According to the Egyptian labor law 12/2003 the social insurance for the employees will be deducted from their salaries.
Invoices issues
We send to you soft copy from the invoice on every service done by ROOTS at once (payroll, expenses, medical.. etc) At the end of the month we deliver to you a hard copy invoices with all the services you received during the month
Time and attendance systems.
According to your company's policy and what you need considering the labor law we put "time and attendance" system for your employees. We calculate the overtime and handle the attendance sheet through our system.
Payroll reports
Every quarter, we do a survey to measure our performance, and our punctuality. Then we deliver a report with the performance metrics, KPI's and a plan for the next quarter.
Employee’s documents (payslip/ HR letter/ ... )
We support employees on our head account to get rid of all the hassle of governmental documents as license, id, the retirement documents as well as HR letters and experience certificate. We care about the employer and the employee at the same time.
Direct deposit payments with "paperless" payroll options
We deposit all the salaries direct in the employee's bank accounts on time, the payslips will be sent by mail for each employee showing the salary details