Frequently Asked Questions

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1What's your database resource?
As a leading company in the recruitment, we receive many CVs monthly in addition to our trusted online resources
2Why can we trust on your chosen candidates?
We hold a tested reliable system for recruiting:
1- we start with selecting the right candidate by online assessment including essay to introduce why he/she applying for this job and an hr/technical short questionnaire.
2- We share the results with your HR Team or the responsible for hiring. According to our suggestions and discussions, we choose the candidate.
3- We offer you then another selection process 2-minutes video / Call interview.
4- The final stage could be one-on-one interview/ group discussion/ group interview. This stage is optional and we can hold it in our head quarter or in your company.
5- We offer 3-month mentoring and evaluation to candidates to support you get the best results.
3What's the best way to inform you with my requirements for the vacancy?
We have JOB DESCRIPTION form that we send it for you, and then you fill it with the job requirements and resend to us.
For customised job requirements, you hold a meeting with one of expert recruiters to set the right job description for your vacancy.
4How can Roots help me if the hired candidate is objected?
Roots will support you through the coaching or replacement within three months according to your decision.
5What's the payroll?
Payroll is a procedure that related to the salaries, social insurance, taxes in details.
The Payroll is divided to payroll audit, payroll burden, payroll credit, payroll deductions, payroll deduction insurance, payroll period, payroll tax, payroll tax holiday, payroll tax payable, payroll variance, payroll withholding.
6What's the difference between payroll processing and payroll outsourcing?
There is a payroll system that Roots handle everything related to the employees (salaries, social insurance, medical, taxes,…etc) but the employees are under the headcount of the client.
Payroll outsourcing that Roots will handle everything for the employees and all the employees will be under the headcount of Roots.
We recommend the payroll outsourcing. With Payroll outsourcing, you eliminate all hassles, focus on your core business and reduce cost.
7What are the Roost's services in Social Insurance?
Depending on our qualified consultancy, we handle everything related to social insurance such as (Form1, form2, form6). We handle also the medical insurance and insure the governmental medical insurance for every candidate.
8What are the potential benefits for the employee?
We help the employees to get the governmental documents easily such the driving license, Renew ID card, HR letters, payslips, experience certificates ... etc.
We support them to finish the retirement settlement papers. As a leading company for 20 years in the market with honorable history, we are trusted reference to any governmental requirements.
We follow up with the employees and we are happy with their feedback that we support, care and appreciate their potentials.
In additional, our employees and their families can enjoy special discounts and free of charge offers on our trainings and courses.
9Do you have medical insurance for the employees?
We have private medical insurance with ALICO, in addition to the governmental medical insurance.