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ROOTS ensures the confidentiality of the Payroll contents and all its related information and accurate handling of both social security and labor tax which includes timely settlement for both of them with the concerned governmental authorities.
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With a proven track record we have achieved an extensive base of prominent clients. A strong working relationship with our clients has also assured total adherence, satisfaction and professional working relationships

  • Our clients satisfaction overall level98%
  • Our clients satisfaction level for Payroll services98%
  • Our clients satisfaction level for Business coaching and training100%
  • Our clients satisfaction level for Recruitment services96%

Delivering our services to you is not only the mission. We value your time and money, that's why we do periodic feedback during and after the service process to make sure you are totally satisfied. Our R&D department is working hard on our clients feedback and market research to make sure we deliver the best service in the market.

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